• ● Farm-to-Neighbors Delivery Project (on going)
    Under the Covid-19 pandemic SIP in 2020, a lot of the farmers have their produce spoil due to lack of buyers. On the other hand, our neighbors were suffering from lockdown and stay at home, not having many options to buy fresh produce from. We have partnered with Giving Fruits non-profit organization to launch a farm-to-neighbors delivery project. We helped to get the truck parking permit from the city as well as collect donations. This project was meant to support local farmers as well as provide fresh produce and fruits to the community.
  • ● “Meals to Heal” Frontline Meal Delivery Project (May, June, 2020)
    Watly Foundation partnered with Giving Fruits to deliver meals to essential frontline workers in several hospitals around the Bay Area, showing our appreciation and support to these heroes for their hard work and sacrifices for just keeping us safe and healthy.
  • ● Hyperlink the Wisdom Inside You
    Presented this program of mindfulness classes designed for high school students, introducing various mindfulness practices to provide teenagers an opportunity to see the activity of the mind, recognize their present moment, and learn to respond thoughtfully.
  • ● Mindfulness meditation programme launched ( March, 18,2019)
    We have sucessfully hosted our first Mindfulness meditaion session for our community. There were over 20 people participated and are all grateful for the programe that we have provided.