Youth Mental Health

Teen Mental Health
Teenagers around the world deal with changing relationships, new demands, and community issues regularly. Our goal is to help them become resilient in the face of stressors and challenges: rather than shying away from an issue, it’s important to us to work together and identify the best way to resolve it. Here is how we plan to alleviate these stressors:
1) Host seminars and workshops designed to examine and negate stressors
2) Help parents identify and navigate symptoms of anxiety and depression Provide access and information about professional mental health resources
3) Provide assistance and support for individuals with special needs

Community Harmony

Community Harmony
Parents deal with many of the same stressors and expectations that their teens are going through: peer pressure, performing at work, and maintaining healthy relationships with family members. We are establishing a program to help parents and adults manage and resolve these conflicts and pressures to attain a more positive end-state.
We seek to harmonize our communities across age, gender, and location by providing free meditation courses, organizing and promoting professional workshops, and establishing an outlet for local community members to organize, empathize, and grow together in harmony.